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nooooo, not a Crackberry!

I got a call this afternoon from my boss' boss' admin. assistant telling me I was getting a Blackberry.  Hmmm, whose crazy idea was that?  Duh.  The VP of Research wants to be able to track me down at all times.  I don't know if I'm just special, or if he's just handing them out to the peons now.  Maybe he likes (?) me because I gave him the web address for the webcam I have in the flame test chamber?

Gaaaaaah!  Not a crackberry!  I LIKE hiding from everyone. 

Pre-Pennsic Panicked Packing? Pah!

Despite the fact that I've left ALL the Pre-Pennsic packing until today, I'm still not panicked.  Heck, it's all but loaded, and I've time left to spare (hence the posting...)  Maybe, after 16 years, I've got this Pennsic thing down!

Puppy's in camp, cats have the house to themselves.  Koobie knows something's up, and she's a little anxious, but Obs just doesn't care.  As long as there is food and he can find his people occasionally, he's good.  Now, mind you, he'll be completely underfoot and chastising us loudly when we get home, but for right now he's cool with the mess.  All the packing commenced after Finn went to camp, so he's blissfully ignorant that he's going to be left there for days.  Talun is worried he won't remember us when we go to pick him up, but I'm not worried at all.  He's my boy, and no amount of other dogs to play with is going to change that.  Course, he's a mama's boy, so that may make a difference :)

Now for the heavy lifting - putting all the stuff in the carriage to drive to Pennsic... where's that man of mine when I need him?



Pre-Pennsic packing denial

Talun and I have finally figured out if/when we are able to go to Pennsic this year, so now we're down to the Pre-Pennsic packing denial stage. You know, that stage where you think to yourself, "It's mostly already packed, so I don't need to worry about it tonight.  Those bins stay packed.  What could I possibly need to do that can't be done the day before we leave?"  I know I'm in denial and yet I can't stop myself...

As it turns out, Talun works until 10pm Saturday middle weekend, so we're going to get up bright and early Sunday morning and haul butt northward so we can be unloaded and back at the Pittsburgh airport to pick up my sister in the early evening.  Of course, that also means that I can *really* procrastinate on packing.  Heck, I'll have all day Saturday to pack and load the truck.  No sweat.  Except, of course, for the fact that I can't lift most of the stuff that needs to be loaded.  Drat! Foiled again!  Will have to get off my patookus after all.

Maybe that's why I spend all Pennsic asleep - there's so much last minute stress to get everything together, that all I want to do when I get there is recuperate... just long enough to pack it all back up and haul back home.  Tell me again why this silly little war thing isn't someplace with a decent beach and cabana boys that deliver umbrella drinks?

off to dream of cabana boys (and umbrella drinks)

HP and the Very Long Book - finished!

HP only kept me up past bedtime a couple of nights... finished!  Comfortably familiar plotline, but since the HP tales all have the features of truly classic (if overly long) fairytales, satisfying.  But, dear God, why did it have to be so long.  We now have doorstops for all the doors in our house - one for each year of HP.

HP and the very long book

AAAACK!  Don't tell me anything!  Talun get's first crack at it, since I sleep and he doesn't, so it will be a day or two before I can even start reading it.  Just tell me that it is better than the door stop it looks like, and I'll be happy :)


finally, time to be a geek!

Finally, after 3 months, I have time to totally geek out. So, after spending hours at LazyLaces, I've finally gotten around to writing something here.

Work has been crazy, but sorta cool. I've been spearing a project to build a large-scale flame testing facility. Whoo hoo! I get to burn things for work. Sometimes I love my job. Like last week, when I had to go to a fireworks store and buy smoke bombs to test our ventilation system. That is going to make for one odd expense report.  But this place is going to be popular... I've already been asked to put in a proposal to expand it, so I can burn new and different things.  Good thing we have windows for the curious to leave their nose prints upon.

Two months ago, we got Finnegan the danger puppy.  He's now about 4 months old, but he's a BIG puppy.  40 pounds or so.  And feet the size of beer coasters.  Talun won this one - he got the big black dog he wanted.  Looks like he's going to be over 100 lbs by the time he's finished growing.  Oh, and he has jowls.  Drool.  Yay.  At least we don't have to put a bib on him... yet.  So far he doesn't shed any worse than the cats, so I might get one out of my three dog criteria (significantly smaller than me, no drooling, and minimal shedding.)  He and Oberon (the boy cat) are best friends and playmates.  Now if we can just teach Finn that it's only Oberon that loves to play with him and get all slobbery... Kublah (my old girl kitty) is not crazy about Finn, but tolerates him because he keeps Oberon busy, and Mini-Me (our neighbor's cat that looks just like Oberon, but smaller) doesn't like to play at all.  Not that Finn can reach him when he's 20 feet up a tree :)

now, to see what everyone else has been up to...

cheerio - E



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